Hi All

Finally finished my Master of the Forge on bike, it's taken quite a while since I first started this model. I spent a lot of time deciding how I wanted to do this one, I knew I wanted to use an attack bike as his ride with the conversion beamer in the sidecar, I just didn't know how I wanted to represent the gun. Bear in mind that I wanted to do this model as soon as I'd read the 5th edition marine codex, that's a while ago now and back then there was no model for the conversion beamer available unless you could get hold of the very old metal version from the rogue trader era dreadnoughts. Way back in the mists of time!
So I've been umming and arring for a long time, never quite happy with any of the ideas I had, then lo and behold the Contemptor was released a couple of years ago, with a conversion beamer available; alas I don't much like it, it's a bit too small for the look I had in mind.
So I looked around a bit more, saw some dudes version on ebay, he'd used a pair of lascannons in the sidecar, didn't like that much either. Then I was rummaging through my bitz box a while back when I was building my quad autocannon dread and found the remnants of an ironclad kit, specifically the bits that make the seismic hammer. The penny dropped as they say and I finally had my eureka moment, several sensor bitz, targeting gubbinz and some chopping later and I had my unique conversion beamer.
I wanted it to look BIG, I feel it should be something he's been tinkering on for many years in the depths of the forge, using his position of authority to mess with potentially dangerous ancient archeotech for the benefit of the chapter and what he's developed is a unique beam weapon.
Anyway see what you think......

Overall I'm pleased with the model, the master of the forge himself is built from the legs of a marine biker, the torso and head from the iron warriors forge father I've used bits from in one of my earlier techmarines, a biker right arm and the left arm from a missile launcher devastator, vehicle crew shoulder guards and a basic plastic backpack. Originally I'd looked at using a techmarine figure but cutting off the legs without messing up all the cabling and other details proved too much and rather than have it look messy I plumped for this.

As ever feedback is welcome.