Nisraa, Blood Wrack Medusa of the Black House

The Ch'Ihll sigil is that of the Gorgon - so it is little wonder that throughout the history of the Black house their nobles have courted the favour of Blood Wrack Medusae. The blind Dreadlord Blazirr Ch'Ihll was famed to take to battle riding atop his dark pegasus, leading the charge flanked by packs of Medusa. The Grey Lady Vallizna Ch'Ihll was rumoured to keep a Medusa close to her throne: her courtesans ever wary of the threat of the creatures deadly stare in the reflection of wine, polished silver plates or jewels gifted to them. It is said that Lanikai Vazo Ch'Ihll took a Bloodwrack medusa to be his lover, and met his end when he locked eyes with the otherworldy creature. 

These creatures act as vanguard to the host of Ch'Ihll and as bodyguard to the members of the Ch'Ihll bloodline when encamped on campaign. On the battlefield they can be relied to keep apace with the dreaded Gorgoneion, or single out packs of skirmishers, war-machines or lone characters to dispatch with her deathly gaze. 

Nisraa is one of Cynath's prize pets. When alone guards have reported the creature sings to her lord - a rare feature of these creatures, but not unheard of. However it is known that the singing of the Medusa invites madness, a characteristic which the Ch'Ihll bloodline is well aquatinted with.