As last time, to vote for your favorites, you have to do it with this template:
3 points: name of contestant
2 points: name of contestant
1 point: name of contestant

All the contestants have to vote , that way is fairer. Try not to vote with Anonymous nick name please. 

The theme for this months competition was to paint an Infantry unit, 3 to 5 models. 
If you want to see all the pictures, with full definition quality and individual shots, click on this link:

A quick view for the entries is here:

Contestant: 3 Colours
Models: Lootas

Contestant: Adam
Models: 'Steel Scorpions' Chapter, Advance Recon Sternguard

Contestant: Ruby
Models: Black Consuls Chapter, Veterans Sternguard Squad

Contestant: Nathaniel Gibbs
Models: Dark Eldar Wyches

Contestant: Crazy242
Models: High-Elf Phoenix Guard Command

Contestant: Spicerack
Models: Isengard Uruk Hais

Contestant: Plebicidal
Models: Meirce miniatures minotaurs

Contestant: TommyH
Models: Space Marines Tactical Squad.