I received a text from my wife the other day because my mom wasn't sure what sort of gift card I'd like. "Miniature Market!" was my reply, just like last year. Before that it would always be Gamestop, and before I got a Nintendo 64 it was probably Toys R Us.

At a certain point I started feeling weird about asking for gaming stuff. Guys in my family were asking for fishing equipment or NFL stuff. Me? I wanted geeky stuff. I wanted a Legend of Zelda wallet and a strategy guide for Oblivion. Other people my age ask for gift cards to Walmart, and I ask for an excuse to expand my hobbies.

I feel like it should bother me. I mean I'm asking for stuff that a kid might be asking for. And of course games are for kids, right? But that's why we rock - we are who we are. I've said before that rooting for a game you can't impact, and that doesn't impact you (or at least shouldn't despite the rage I see online), every week seems no less weird than spending several hours enjoying a story that culminates in you slaying a dragon. I mean really, all hobbies are weird, yet geeks are expected to believe that collecting comics is somehow less mature than collecting sports paraphernalia.

To all of that, I say "Bah humbug." I like who I am, and I will still get excited when my great-great grandchildren visit me in the nursing home and bring me a copy of Assassin's Creed 92.

I hope you guys have a great Christmas and get something really geeky (because how else can you have a great Christmas?) No matter how old you are, remember to let that geek symbol shine bright!

See you tomorrow!

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