Nick speaking,

So how are we going to make an army with sixty Flayed Ones work? I am not talking about using a Forge World list, I am talking about using the standard Codex, as I like the idea of the challenge! First we have to have our Flayed Ones, so three groups of twenty to take up the Elites section, and that's nearly eight hundred points gone!

With so many points tied up in the Flayed Ones and all the other toys we are going to need to make them work, I am going to have to go about things a little different with the troops choices. Five units of five Warriors will fill the role, not ideal for a standard list, but that is how a themed list sometimes has to rumble. Of course, we have plans to keep the Warriors alive, and that starts with Imotekh...

Imotekh will not only bring me night fight to protect the Warriors hanging out at the back, but he will also give me a very good chance of getting first turn, which will be essential for the list. The army is going to be a full assault army, but Imotekh's lighting strikes could also be useful for opening a few tanks and getting first blood, more than that though, he will add even more fun to the list...

Going back to the Flayed Ones, and I will be using their infiltrate ability to make them work, infiltrating all sixty of them as close as I can get. That alone is going to attract a lot of attention, but we don't want too much attention on them if we can help it, so lets introduce a few more units. Six Wraiths and two units of Scarabs. Both of these units will deploy as far forward as they can between the gaps of the Flayed Ones. Then by taking first turn and moving them their full distance along with the Flayed Ones, my opponent is going to have a lot of Necron goodness in his face.

It doesn't really matter which units he decides to pick off, I know the whole of the front Phalanx is going to take a battering the first two or three turns, but I hope the overpowering effect of all the units, should give me breathing space to move my small Warrior units into position to score. Yes, my enemy may still target my Troops, especially with null deployment stuff, like drop pods, but that's why I have the three fast attack choices in the army, they will give me the speed to back track if needed.

Now for my wild card in the list, the Destroyer Lord! He will deploy with the Wraiths and quickly join the Flayed Ones turn one. Preferred Enemy Flayed ones with a Resurrection Orb is going to be a nasty unit, even if it is initiative one!

Flayed Crons

1x Imotekh (225)
1x Destroyer Lord/MSS/Weave/Orb (190)

5x Warriors (65)
5x Warriors (65)
5x Warriors (65)
5x Warriors (65)
5x Warriors (65)

20x Flayed Ones (260)
20x Flayed Ones (260)
20x Flayed Ones (260)

6x Wraiths/4x Coils/1x Caster (255)
8x Scarabs (120)
7x Scarabs (105)

2000 points

Battle report to follow!