Just a quick update on what I built about a week ago now. First of all I got inspired to try and make a baron conversion. All he needs is a greenstuff cloak and I might kitbash his weapon to make it more menacing.  I quite like the bat-like look of his skyboard. It's a conversion based on a mix of a hellion skyboard, a reaver jetbike spare part and lots of spikey bits. I need to tidy up some of the joints though as they're a bit messy at the moment.

I also dug up an old captain and biker sergeant that Paul made probably about 5-6 years ago now. I swapped their backpacks, gave him a shield, cleaned him up and magnetised a powerfist so he can eventually get a thunderhammer/burning blade if I feel like it at some point. Also in the background is my old landraider which I continued fixing, this time by removing the assault cannons which shouldn't be there by tearing them off. I found some heavy bolters which were meant to be predator side sponsons and tried them but they look a little chunky so we'll see. In any case it's not crucial anymore since I'm not going to a 750pts tournament as planned for which I would have needed to have gotten this done.