So, I used to frequent CMON a lot a few years ago, though mostly as a lurker. If I had to pick one thing I learned reading the threads by pro-miniature painters, it was that drybrushing is for rubes. It sort of blew my mind at the time, because as I’m sure anyone who has picked up a brush and hoped for decent results in a short amount of time has a healthy respect for what you can achieve with your trusty drybrush. No drybrushing? Sounds rough.

And frankly, it has been, although I am amazed at how much I have improved as a painter compared to when I started. I honestly credit my discarding of drybrushing crutch as the single most important step in my development. So why post about it now?

Because I just spent the afternoon drybrushing a bunch of models. Ha! For like the first time in literally years. I came to a realization today. Drybrushing, while not holding up under my magnifying lamp, still looks fantastic for a wide range of applications.

Take these fellows for instance:

Are they the best paint jobs I’ve ever done? No. But are they going to look awesome when they are racing down corridors in Level 7 shooting down hordes of alien clones? Yes. Hell yes.

Thanks drybrushing: you still have a place in my painting arsenal. Now I just know how and when to use you.

Now on to finish all of the aliens and start playing the game!