Well it's been a bit of an uphill struggle (More thanks to Dayz than anything else) but I got my first 500 points done before the end of January (At 22:30 on the 31st).

The two chariots where the last thing to be done, my first set of finecast models and I have to say I was very impressed, only a couple of small bubbles in places you won't see with loads of detail.

Biggest issue was forgetting to wash one of them before painting it resulting in the undercoat pooling and have to be scrubbed off.

I am finding I tend to get the majority of the model painted quite quickly the time consuming bit is all the little detail at the end. Not matter how through I am I always miss something that gets me frustrated and I make a mistake that has to then be corrected and the cycle goes on.

When I end up with that I just have to walk away from the paint table for the night thus adding to the time taken.

I am really pleased with the over all look of the army, I wanted proper chaotic evil looking I think that's a success.

It's odd not to be rushing to paint an army for a tournament, though I am itching to get it all done I am quite chuffed with how it's looking. Just going to have to try and keep the pace up.

So on to my 100 point army:

+++ 1000 Point Beastmen (998pts) +++
+++ 1000pt Beastmen Roster (Standard)) +++


Beastmen (Standard) Selections:

+ Heroes + (250pts)

    * Bray-Shaman (125pts)
        Staff of Daroth (50pts), Wizard Level 1

    * Bray-Shaman (125pts)
        Dispel Scroll (25pts), Ruby Ring of Ruin (25pts), Wizard Level 1

+ Core + (415pts)

    * Gor Herd (255pts)
        Musician (5pts), Standard Bearer (10pts)
        * 30x Gor (240pts)
            30x Additional hand weapon (30pts)

    * Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)

    * Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)

+ Special + (333pts)

    * Bestigor Herd (333pts)
        25x Bestigor (300pts), Musician (6pts), Standard bearer (12pts), Standard of Discipline (15pts)

I was torn between a BSB or another shaman, in the end I couldn't fit a fully equipped BSB into the list and as much as not having the LD rerolls might hurt not being able to get a wildform off will probably lose me games.

The Bestigor where going to have to go in at some point, having the second big combat block that can deal with heavy armour is a good addition. It also helps break up the paining as by the time I get to 1000 points that will be about half the army done.

So it's two months to paint 31 models but I am moving house in the middle of it. This could prove quite a challenge.