Howdy folks!

Back to back blogposts! I'm just rolling through projects right now! Got to mail out the Tau on thursday, and my client is picking up the Necrons tomorrow, so I'm actually going to have some time to prep for Genghis Con before my next projects come in! Bought the orange spray for the Wraithknight, so stay tuned for that project! Anywho, very nice to have this commission done. This, obviously, is part three of the Necron commission I've been working on. Here's wave one:

C'tan Shard, Destroyer Lord, Heavy Destroyers, and Triarch Praetorians. Now wave two...

The Stormlord, Szeras, Zandrekh, and 10 Immortals. And finally, wave three!

We've got air support in the form of 2 Doom Scythes. Anti-tank synergy with the Stalker. And, most importantly, super-fast harassment with the Tomb Blades! Let's detail this out, shall we?

Both Doom Scythes! That edging it a bitch, but turns out so well! Very happy with these guys! The crystals on the base are made from Sculpy clay. I made long rectangle shapes with the clay, then baked them. Once dry, I cut the edges into a point, weathered it a bit, and glued them to the base! Painted up fine as well!

Some detail of the edging. I made sure to hit some of the edges with ice blue, much like the other models, to give it an eerie glow effect.

The Tomb Blades! Actually got all six of them done today, so I'm very happy with how they turned out for six or so hours of work! The little touch of gold ties them in with the Praetorians and sharply draws the eye!

An individual Blade, just so you can see the edging and weathering on these guys. Went into assembly-line style with them, really let me rock through them quickly and efficiently!

And lastly, my favorite model of the entire commission, the Triarch Stalker! I honestly thought I was going to hate this model! Anything with spider legs always ends up a pain (I'm looking at you Defiler/Soul Grinder!), but this guy didn't cause me any problems! I turned the gun and the pilot's head to convey action and movement, like he's panning for that Land Raider coming up the hill. Simple little touches like that really add character to a piece.

Its going to be sad to watch them go, but hopefully I'll get a chance to play against these models in the near future. I promised myself I wouldn't cry...*sob*

Ahem! Anywho, my client and I have been talking, and we're looking at adding some allies to this group soon. Apparently, Grey Knights and Necrons are buddy buddy now, so there's going to be some Inquisitorial add-ons coming soon! 

I should be sharing my finished piece for Genghis Con with you all soon as well; here's a picture to get you drooling...