Here are a couple of rules from last game.

JJ typing,

Hover 'Type,' If a Flyer is hovering, it is treated exactly as a Fast Skimmer.  40k6, pg 81

Context: Opponent asked how Flyers move when they go into hover mode.  Informed they become a fast skimmer.

Disembarking, A unit that begins its Movement phase embarked upon a vehicle can disembark either before or after the vehicle has moved (including pivoting on the spot, etc) so long as the vehicle has not moved more than 6."  40k6, pg 79

GW FAQ Imperial Guard v1.4 September 13 pg 1, Page 56 The first sentence should be changed to: If a Valkyrie or Vendetta moved more than 6", passengers may still disembark, but they must do so as follows.

Change the penultimate sentence to read: "If any of the models cannot be deployed the unit is destroyed."

Context: Veterans were disembarking from a Vendetta.  Asked if they had to make a test, Grav Chute Insertion Deep Strike test.  Opponent said no.  I thought about it and agreed thinking that Grav Chute Insertion Deep Strike tests are only done when passengers disembark while the Valkyrie/Vendetta is moving flat out.  I was wrong.  The Grav Chute Insertion Deep Strike test is performed anytime the vehicle moves more than 6".  Something for next time.  Perhaps next codex will change it completely.

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