Here are several rules form last game.

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Dividing to Conquer 40k6 pg 5

On occasion, you'll be called upon to divide the result of the dice roll, a characteristic or some other valve.  Where this happens, any fractions should always be rounded up.

Context: Canoptek spyders were assaulting Hovering Vendettas.  Decided to use Smash.  With the extra dice from charging I would roll two dice for each spyder.  Opponent wondered if it would be one die because Smash halves the number of dice rolled in close combat.  Informed him when a characteristic is halved you round up.  He wanted to make sure.  Looked it.  Thinking about this one further sypder Attack characteristic is 2.  Smash rounds it down to 1 die.  Charging gives 1 extra die.  Would still be 2 dice when charging in assault and using Smash Attack.

Smash 40k6 pg 42

All of the close combat attacks, except Hammer of Wraith Attacks, of a model with this special rule are resolved at AP 2 (unless its [sic] attacking with an AP 1 weapon).

Furthermore, a model making a Smash Attack can re-roll its armour penetration rolls, but must abide by the second result.

Context: Didn't pick this one up until making this post.  Spyder was assaulted by veteran squad.  Spyder wounded a vet and said it was AP 2 attack.  Opponent said that was only when performing a Smash Attack.  Thought about it and agreed with him.  I was wrong.  Should've looked it up.

Fear 40k6 pg 35

At the start of each Fight sub-phase, a unit in base contact with one or more enemy models that cause Fear must take a Leadership test (called a Fear test) before any blows are struck.

Context: Vets assaulted sypder.  Informed opponent they must make a Fear test.  Next turns Fight sub-phase informed they had to test again.  Opponent wondered if they only had to make that test once.  Informed Fear test is done at the beginning of every Fight sub-phase.  He wanted to make sure.

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