As I mentioned in a previous article (here) I've got a few of the old XV88s and of course I don't want them to go to waste, so I've been trying to think up some ways to use them without having to make them obsolete (terrain or objective markers). I didn't pay 40 something bucks per suit just to have them used as "garbage" markers!

So I finally decided on converting them back into Crisis Suits, but not just any old Crisis Suit. I'm talking about some truly unique and completely different looking Crisis Suits. I've done a little bit of converting when it came down to my suits already, but now I'm talking about almost complete overhauls of the original design to create true masterwork models fit for a Shas'O.

A few things I found around the internet:
More bulk is better, whenever it comes down to making some "heavier" versions of the XV8.
I'm liking the bulkier feel here, the weapons, the jetpack on the back and the face. Maybe a little too much armor though.

I absolutely LOVE the look of the under-slung plasma rifles and the dual jetpack on this model
as well as the shield generator blinders, but I feel they need a bit more tweaking to look really good.

Back picture of the above picture.

I really like the look of removing the antennas, under-slung guns and the back jetpack, but I'm not liking the turbines on the side and I feel the heads are too small now.

A truly nice and dynamic pose and the head looks absolutely wonderful here, but this looks like it'd take way too much time for me to pull off as well as pieces and it looks too pristine for what I have in my mind. Still good inspiration though.

I'm definitely intrigued by the back mounted jetpacks and the under-slung weapon ideas for my XV88 conversion idea.

My thought process is this; I want them to represent an early "test model," so to speak of the XV8 by being bulkier and a little more crude in design and I feel that these will help emphasize this as well as the already flat fleet that came with the older models. Next, I plan on removing the antennas from the sides of the heads and place the front part of the target lock to become the new "face" of these models as well as adding the shield generator semi-circles as a kind of blinder on either side of the head. Along with these modifications, I plan on adding some extra armor here and there on the suits as well as redoing the legs and arms to be more dynamic and cinematic rather than the boring, stale positions of the pre-packaged XV8 model.

It'll be about a month before I'll finally get to work on these conversions, but I'm so excited for it! This will be my first BIG hobby project and I really hope it turns out good. When I do start work on this project, you guys can expect a whole lot of pictures and probably a lot of ranting as I cut myself with the darn Exacto knife or I mess something up.