Holy crap! I've been reading through the Farsight Enclave book and it's pretty fan-freaking-tastic! So great, that it even inspired me to use Farsight in my own armies and as many of you might know (if you've been around these parts of Tau space long enough) I'm not fond of Special Characters, but when it comes down to this fella, I quickly whipped up my own version and immediately painted him.

In the first sereies of photos I put him next to an old XV88 to show just how far off from his bulkier cousin he is since that's actually what this project started as; an old XV88 Shas'Vre. In the second series of photos I show him next to his old squad member (the XV88) and my current commander that I use in most of my games to demonstrate still how different Farsight is compared to even a Crisis Suit. I really wanted to make him look unique since his suit is just about 300 hundred years old.

Without further ado, my very own Farsight model;

Right after I finished cutting him up and adding in all the pieces:

After ALL of the detail work:

Sorry for the blurry image, but at least you get the general gist of it.