Here are several rules from last game.

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Exarch Powers, Eldar 6th ed Codex pg 30

Battle Fortune
This model has a 4+ invulnerable save.

Context: Dire Avenger Exarch was wounded by a Dark Lance.  Thought it didn't have a save because of the AP of the Dark Lance.  Shawn showed me this power.  Apparently have to re-read the Eldar codex again.

Fast Skimmers, 40k6 pg 83

If a vehicle is both Fast (see above) and a Skimmer, it can move up to 18" when moving Flat Out.

Context: Thought a Dark Eldar Raider can only move 12" when going Flat Out.  Asked Shawn.  He said 18".  Was thinking only jetbikes can move faster than 12" when going Flat Out.

Flat Out with Jink, 40k6 pg 38

If a model with this special rule moves Flat Out or Turbo-boosts, it instead gains a 4+ cover save until the start of its next Movement phase.

Context: Dark Eldar Raider moved Flat Out in shooting phase.  I thought it only had a 5+ cover save.  Shawn informed me they have 4+ cover save.

Regrouping, 40k6 pg 31

Once a unit has regrouped, it cannot otherwise move (so cannot Run in Shooting phase or charge in Assault phase).  However, it can shoot (including Overwatch), but counts as having moved and can only fire Snap Shots.

Context: Shining Spears failed morale roll.  Regrouped next turn.  Opponent didn't think the squad couldn't do anything than Snap Fire.

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