Here are several more rules from last game.

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Serpent Shield, Eldar 6th ed Codex pg 67

The Wave Serpent's shield protects the bow of the tank - whilst the shields are active, all penetrating hits inflicted against the Wave Serpent's front and side armour are downgraded to glancing hits on a D6 roll of 2+. 

Context: Vect assaulted a Wave Serpent.  Haywire grenade penned the tank.  Shawn said that he can't use the serpent shield.  Was a bit surprised.  Looked it up and yep, he was right.

Zooming and Shooting, 40k6 pg 80

Zooming Flyers can fire up to four of their weapons using their full Ballistic Skill if they have moved at either Combat Speed or Cruising Speed that turn.

Missiles, 40k6 pg 81

A maximum of two missles can be fired per Shooting phase, and they count towards the number of weapons fired that turn.

Context: Was shooting with Razorwing and wanted to shoot both Dark Lances and two missiles.  Opponent called BS, agreed with him that it is ridiculous while showing him the rate of fire on a Flyer.

Re-roll, 40k6 pg 5

The second roll counts, even if it means a worse result than the first, and no single dice can be re-rolled more than once, regardless of the source of the re-roll.

Context: Razorwing shot two shatterfield missiles at Asurman, farseer and squad of dire avengers.  Asurman rolled a 1 for a save.  Farseer's Fortune allowed him to re-roll that 1.  Another 1 appeared.  Opponent then brought up that Asurman has an ability to re-roll any 1 that he rolls due to Warlord trait Eldar 6th ed Codex pg 25 Fate's Messenger.  He wondered if he would be able to re-roll that second 1.  Informed no because of the re-roll rule in the corebook.

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