So here's the start of the next scout squad I've started. I've decided to go for imperial fists for this squad because I've always loved the imperial fists colour scheme. Painting yellow can be a royal pain in the arse but I've never painted anything with a yellow scheme before so I thought....... Ahhhhh why not.

Luckily still.have some Iyanden Darksun foundation paint so I starred with that. Then I thought to myself it actually looks pretty nice so rather than layer up to a bright vibrant yellow, I washed it with nuln oil, applied another thin layer then highlighted with sunburst yellow. A job well done I think. I'm really pleased with it. I then did the cloth in desert yellow washed with nuln oil then highlighted with desert yellow.

I'm pretty pleased with it to be honest, apart from the combat blade. That needs re painting as it's just a pile of poo.

Just the.sarge, 2 snipers and a missile launcher guy to do now.

Let me know what you think guys.

Si till next time............ Oorah!!!!!!!!!!!!