Cults of the Naggarothii: Assassins.
Midnight Black.

It is well known that the Elves long ago attained mastery over the winds of magic that ebb and flow through the great weave of reality. All beings of that race is in some way touched by that warping influence and all are capable to minor magics; the simple summoning of a spirit to heal a wound, an elemental to fill the sail of a boat, or the drawing of a Djinn to immolate an enemy, are common practices amongst their kind. The Death Cults of the Naggarothii make use of these minor magics, none more so than the Assassins known as the Midnight Black.

Each Cult has its own preferred method of death, some esoteric and most eccentric. The Druchii's natural competitiveness forcing each Cult to ever more ostentatious uses of their skills. The Pale Seers famously boast they can poison the surface of a mirror, so that the reflection of the viewer poisons him. The Scarlet Kiss make use of their many whore assassins to entice the chosen victim into sexual congress, and then dispatched. 

The Midnight Black make use of ensorcelled cloaks that allow the assassin to bodily dissipate into shadow. The mental disciplines enabling this practice are the culminations of decades of training, forgetting the self, completely dissolving one's anima into the shade between life and death. Once this has been achieved the Assassin may move between shadows, disappearing and reappearing at will. They become living shadows with all the fanaticism and killing finesse of Naggaroth's most supreme murderers. 


This is my second take on Shadowblade. This model still feels fresh and I'd love to paint this guy up again in a different colour scheme. I used the same scheme as the last one as I felt I had some unfinished buisness with this model. This model was inspired by Loler's take on Shadowblade. I nicked the base idea and the freehand - damn I wish I thought of those touches first.