Having planned this Defiler conversion a few weeks ago, I’ve started working on the basic design. For ease of building, I will be using as many original components from the Triarch Stalker as possible, with additions going on-top of the existing structure. The main areas of change will be the legs, front claws and upper structure.

So far only one leg has received the full extra-armour additions I’ve planned. The side panels require a lot of work, as they have to be curved on two sides, and narrow at one end. It still needs a few details, but for the most part, it is done. The whole leg has had a ton of rivets added to it, to make it appear less ‘Necron’ and more in-line with other Chaos designs. A spike, cut from the chaos vehicle accessories sprue, tops the leg.

I’ve found this whilst looking for an ideal part for the Battle Cannon: the tip of a Heavy Psycannon leftover from the Dreadknight/Decimator conversion. It is on the stubby side, so I may use some large pipe to make the barrel longer, and add a couple of recoil suppressors to the sides.

I am thinking of attaching the main gun to this area, where the Triarch Stalker’s frontal mandible-claws would normally go. There are a few gaps, but the recoil suppressors should solve this issue.

Here’s the current progress all mocked up. It looks a bit small to be a Defiler currently, but once the upper structure and front claws go on, it will look a lot bigger and more in-line with the official kit.

Next on the to-do list for this walker will be the secondary weapons, and then the upper structure.