I got hit by the hey I want to paint that feeling last night so I picked up Illic and started working on him. I had started him awhile back but really didn't get that far on him. I started to blend the leather on him and some of his cloak then moved onto his other bits. He's looking pretty cool so far and probably have a few more hours left to finish him.
 I've never been a fan of the scalped top knot pony tail look but the re breather helps, I wish he would have come with a couple different heads. That's the only part of the model that I'm up in the air about but the rest of it is very well done and looks cool.
 Thankfully it's one of the best fine cast mini's I've looked at so there are only a few odd bits.
 I doubt I'll use him as Illic much but he'll be a very cool Ranger ..
Down the road I might get another and swap the head... who knows 8)