Hey everyone, wanted to point out a great kickstarter just about to wrap up.  I wish I would have promoted it earlier, real life got in the way and distracted me!

One of the awesome blogs I follow, A Gentleman's Ones's Brian Niro has started up a real unique game called Aetherium.  It has some beautiful miniatures and a very different play style that should mix things up.

Looks like a great selection of miniatures and contents in the starter box.  I'm always up for a fun skirmish game among friends.

It has an always on action sequence which should be a more engaging playing style.  I like the back and forth action rather then long I go a full turn then you go a full turn of a big game like 40k (although I do love me some 40k).  The miniatures are absolutely gorgeous.  I'm tempted long term to pick some of the picketers up as civilians for Infinity scenarios as well.

Try to get over and check it out today, it wraps up tonight!