These are the latest addition to the now growing Necron army, these are a great addition, a Fast Attack choice, Heavy Infantry and Tank killers and jump troops too.  The have a high toughness and multiple wounds so are survivable too.
 The construct is based on an insect body, perhaps a Mosquito, but the GF thinks they are 'prawns', lol.
They are armed with a short range Heat Ray, a melta gun basically and when they close in for combat they have multiple attacks and Voidblades, so Rending Power weapons with Entropic Strike. Nasty.  The only downside is the Necron low initiative so they have to survive the first round of combat, which the high toughness, MEQ WS and multiple wounds help do.
A great looking addition to my forces, great minis from Forgeworld, went together like a dream and rightly feared by expensive Terminators and Tanks alike. Can't wait to blood their Voidblades!