It's been a while since I've really had any consistent updates on here, but holy cow have I been busy! I'm finally out of school for the summer and already I've been hitting the 40k with a metaphorical baseball to get stuff done and finish up a whole lot of goals/wishes/dreams. I'm hoping to get this blog back up to its old self this summer and really make it something spectacular again, so keep checking for more regular updates!

As soon as I got home (which was around 10 p.m.) I started work on this next project until 4 a.m. to make these revered leaders of the Farsight Enclaves and zealous followers of Farsight himself:

Brightsword was the first to be done. I really like the fluff behind him and I definitely enjoy the idea of him punching through some armor alongside Farsight and the Dawn Blade.

Second was Sha'vastos for his contributions to the army and a little bit of the fluff. He wasn't as exciting to me as some of the others, but his loadout was one I deemed vital to the success of the Enclaves.

As of now I don't really have any plans to make any of the other Eight, but who knows, maybe I will. They are definitely some very dynamic characters and the Supplement has inspired me without a doubt to bring these courageous, zealous and crestfallen warriors to the table. 

Until next time and may you serve the Greater Good proudly!