A General cant just play one game, win, and call themselves Great. They should not just play one game, loose, and call the list they used trash. They should follow a path, a linked series of games. For at least 20 games, they should develop a core army and play with that army until they are blue in the face. Till they give it a true chance and actually get a real feel for the army itself. 

Game 21 vs Fred and his Necrons:
So, hot off the heels of playing Tim, I got to face Fred and his crons. Spyder Star with Nemesor and wraiths and scarabs and fliers and annihilation barges. This was a tough game as it was KILL POINTS. An MSU army has a hard time winning this style of game… but a Dark Eldar MSU army… its almost impossible… as all the units are super fragile. I almost pulled a victory out towards the end of the game! But it was a tough and hard fought victory for the Necrons. 

photo IMG-20140521-00518_zpsf388aa54.jpg

This game I learned a few more things about playing the army, especially with the addition of Night Shields. DO NOT forget to pre-measure. I could have denied my opponent first blood had I been thinking straight… one lone wraith survived to deny it to me (after I stole the initiative) and then I was silly enought to move a ravager too close to an annihilation barge… and then got blasted. Note to self, use your upgrades :D . All in all the army performed admirably, and once again the guardian blob was absolutely fantastic, they took a pounding and took on the entire blob of 15 scarabs and survived! And then finished off the wraiths and almost took on the D-lord, and the spiders even ended up charging them. What a game. 

Game 22 was against Craig and his Screamerstar/Fateweaver FMC deamons:

So, having lost the semifinals, Craig and I had to face each other for 3rd and 4th place! - The stage was set 

Fatey, 3 heralds on discs, 2 Lv3 tzeench princes, 6 screamers, deamonettes, and plaguebearers. Big guns never tire, dawn of war. Being the last game with Vect ( and the game of the loosers in the competitive league) was going to have a lot of fun. I siezed the initiative on him and killed all but 2 of the screamers t1 and one of the deamon princes. He did not have forewarning (even with all those rolls…) so I was able to use the ravagers to take on the screamer star (killing them T5) and then using the warwalkers to take on his infantry. Vect died in a challenge vs a Deamon prince! But did 5 wounds to the beast… oh, wait, make that ZERO wounds… the DP could re roll invuls, then got a FNP and then had It will not die to regenerate the only wound that made it through the saves… in return he punked Vect… awesome cinematic moment just before the game ended! The HUGE guardian blog, once again…. MVP’s these guys are awesome, they take a pounding and come back for more and more. 

All in all, it has been a great journey, I am going to miss Vect and the dynamics he brings to the army. Now, it is time to move on. To try something different. The Next journey that I will be on will be the Journey of the Dark Olympiad… you might think I am crazy, but it will be wyches, wyches and more wyches (with some beasts and hellions and reavers mixed in). The Arena of the Dark City on the tabletop… now, the learning curve surely will be a lot harder than with the Vect list. But I am looking forward to starting it up. 

Thanks a lot for reading. Have you had a journey? What will you be doing to learn 7th? will you be sticking to a concept or theme to make it work for you, or will you be a panzy and just copy paste what the internet says? 

Skari - out.