I got a delightful surprise yesterday in my mail box- some fantastic Olympic demigods from Crocodile Games. They did a Kickstarter last summer for Wargods of Olympus. They're the same folks who make Wargods of Aegyptus.

They were unexpected because the Kickstarter wasn't set to deliver until July. They sent the PDF of the rulebook to backers ages ago, the minis got here now, and the physical rulebook will be sent shortly. I couldn't be happier with these figures. Just look at some of them:

Dionysus is SO MERRY.
Lovely Hecate.
Hephaestus, complete with power fist.

Artemis, Goddess of Great Sandals.
Hades, Lord of the Bad-Ass capes.
Last, and certainly not least is the nicest miniature I've seen in ages:

Oracle. Of. Delphi.

I cannot WAIT to paint the Oracle. I've already decided to put her in a red robe. There are 9 demigods in total, and there were 5 freebie minis that came along with them (including the Oracle).

Theses miniatures are making me SO stoked for the game. I didn't pick up any other minis for the game during the KS because I was short of funds, but I am thinking about doing an Amazon faction. The physical rulebook is coming along soon, so I have some time to decide on it.