Howdy folks!

So I ordered a Morkanaut as soon as I saw the model and, unlike most of my orders, it came in the day it was released! Huzzah! I picked it up yesterday and got right to work on him! I'm very happy with how he turned out, I love being able to knock out the basecoat then spend hours just weathering and beating it up. Enough though, pictures!

The model went together incredibly well. While this one isn't magnetized, I was thinking about it as I built it, and everything but the big gun would be easy. The Kustom Mega Cannon's interior is actually the gun from the Deffstorm, which makes it hard to swap and switch.

Opted for the eye and the chest light; counts as a Kustom Mega Blasta in my book!

The glyph was fun to weather and chip. The chest doesn't open, but that's more for my own sanity than anything! I dusted the bottom with the same color I did the base with to make it look even dirtier. It is an ork vehicle, after all! I've got better things to send the grots to do than clean! 

Played with the glow effects on the arms and Kustom Force Field; I even made sure to get the glow on the bottom of the rokkits to keep the effect going strong!

That Kustom Mega Kannon is enough to make any Big Mek drool, though the slag it turns power armor into is even better! S8 AP2 blast is always a winner!

You can see the weathering powders on the back here; lots of orange rust and black soot to keep the gritty metal look going, especially on the workin' gubbinz!

And 'Da Kaptin' scouts the battlefield with his own orky eyes! Those big shootas look perfect to take down any fliers, and the Kustom Force Field keeps all your greenskins safe and sound so they can do some krumpin'!

Amazingly fun model to work on, I'd be very excited to paint another one (or three!). This bad boy will be going up on eBay, so be sure to check the link (Link HERE) and add this monster to your ork army, new or old!

Alrighty, back to the Warhound Titan!