A General cant just play one game, win, and call themselves “great”. They should not just play one game, loose, and call the list they used “trash”. They should follow a path, a linked series of games. For at least 20 games, they should develop a core army and play with it until they are blue in the face. They will give it a true chance and get a real feel for the army itself against many an opponent and within the parameters of different missions and point values. Only then will the journey be complete, and their mastery complete. 

Welcome to another 20 game journey! I have followed a few paths over the last few years: the Path of the Kabal, Path of the Coven, and The rise of Vect. All these have been a lot of fun to learn how to play, and get the feel for them. Now its time for the Dark Olympiad!. The basis for this journey is in the Apocalypse Rulebook for Warhammer 40k. It is a Dark Eldar “formation” that comprises of cult troops that mainly come from the arenas of the Dark City. 
“The three-year build up to a Dark Olympiad consists of a gruelling program of gladiatorial contests. During the Olympiad’s finale a major realspace portal is opened in the centre of the gladiatorial arena, and Wych Cult and audience alike are invited to pour into the realm of mortals to bathe in an orgy of killing. Only the finest of stimulants and steroids are used by the performers for their grand finale, and the Beastmasters of each Cult ensure that their creatures are similarly enhanced to maximize the carnage they so love to inflict, bathing in the blood of the slain and invigorating those Dark Eldar nearby with their wanton slaughter. She who takes the most lives and returns to Commoragh alive is declared Queen of the Olympiad.” - Apocalypse Book.

So, this was a framework for the theme behind the Dark Olympiad. And the inspiration behind its planning and creation. It also just happens to be one of the formations that I have to complete for my 10k in 10 months army as well, so having a focus on the larger units of wyches and beasts and hellions will get me to do some work on them as well. 

As Per the Formation Sheet:

photo cf973a60-666d-44ec-b19e-ecd337dc89b0_zps97a8301c.jpg

These are the units that I have to include, to make the basis for the force. So with this in mind, the Dark Olympiad begins to take shape! I am very excited to get this started. You can follow more with direct updates on the twitter feed @skari2 on the Skaredcast youtube channel or on the facebook page

Skari - out.