He's super sad to hear the news (He's frowning, FYI)
Just as that ever-daunting title says, this will be my last post. With great hesitation and reluctancy I will be quitting Warhammer 40k all together. I know, I know, it's tragic and I hate having to share this news with you all, but it's come down to this.

Here are the sad reasons why:

1) Money hasn't gotten EXTREMELY tight for me lately and the best way I can start making some sick dough is by selling my rather large collection of models. It pains me to do this since it's like I'm selling my very own kids into indentured servitude, but it's what I've got to do to make ends meet before I head back to college next semester.

2) I am so ridiculously far behind on the rules, updates and releases I feel like it's a completely new game these days. It's like I'm a caveman who just got time warped 40,000 years into the future and I have no frakking idea what's going on.

3) I haven't really enjoyed playing a game of 40k in months. Any time I've played a game it's been horribly dreadful, unexciting and more boring than watching a fish swim around in a bowel (no offense to those who enjoy that activity, but that is seriously one of the most boring things ever to me). The games are so dull and not very stimulating for me anymore.

4) A lot of the super cool people who got me into this game have given up playing it and now I'm stuck with some really bad company to "enjoy" an afternoon with. I really don't have any good folks to sit around and play 40k with as many of them have retired their decade old armies or had to relocate for whatever real world issues (silly real world!).

5) 40k has really disappointed me over the years and I'm not going to stand for it anymore. The fluff hasn't expanded in forever, the fluff is extremely repetitive (dark EVERYWHERE, traitors, EVERYWHERE). GW stopped sponsoring the things that brought me into the game; 'Ard Boyz, global campaigns, brick and mortar stores. I dreamt of a future that this game should have achieved, but yet it has fallen short of that dream due to GW and how they like to run things. Which brings me to my next point...

6) I absolutely HATE GW's marketing techniques, policies and operations. I refuse to support them anymore these days for they have really infuriated me from the old GW I knew when I got into the game.

7) There is no way I can continue to fund my 40k obsession (if it was there anymore) and no way I could even convince myself to do so. 90 bucks for a rulebook with only about a 10% change from the one I bought two years before that? Or a 20% change from the one I bought six years ago? No thank you. I have other things I need to spend my money on and outrageously priced GW products is not it.

Now, sorry for all of that venom spewing, but there are my reasons for this unfortunate retirement of this Tau veteran.

The Future

You guys might see me running around still every once a bit for I might keep some of my 40k stuff, but don't count on it. The blog will be shut down, unless someone REALLY wants to continue it when I disappear and I will dissipate from everything 40k related.

I may start dipping my toe into Infinity if I ever pick up another tabletop miniature game again and if that's your thing you might see me around the internet doing that or I might even start a new blog when I start that up. I'm thinking about starting an Ariadna force and it really sounds like Infinity would satisfy my tactical thirst I've had ever since I started 40k and I really enjoy Corvus Belli's policies. Enough of that though, I'm not here to sell you on that product.

Final Words

It really pains me to leave behind the awesome virtual communities I've joined these past years of 40k. I'm really sorry for having to leave everyone behind, but I would like to extend the most sincere thank you to all of you who have followed this blog, provided me with excellent Tau rumors/tactics/strategies, etc, accepted me into their 40k groups, respected my advice and to those of you who inspired me to start 40k and to continue it. You folks are some of the best people I've ever been acquainted with and I wish you the best of luck with your Tau and 40k endeavors as well as your futures. 

"May you always fight for the Greater Good whether it be in 40k or in our very own world and may you never give that up" - Kyle Randolph (Aun'Va), proud creator of Plasma and Xenos and the  moderator of the Warhammer Tau Google+ community