Hello again!

Let me re-introduce myself, my name is Will Lopez and its been a long long while since I wrote a post (or anyone for that matter) on this blog. Life has become more intense as my kids get older and my responsibilities at work increase.

Bottom line is, I need an exit and that exit has been Table Top Gaming for the last 5 years. Started in 40K and now that has shifted to Warmachine/Hordes in a big way. We'd like to shoot some life back into this blog bringing you WM/H list ideas, tactics discussions, battle reports, conversion ideas and tutorials as well as painting updates, tutorials and ideas. We also dabble in Infinity and have our eye on Wrath of Kings so you can be sure to see some content on those games as well.

All and all its been a great year of hobby and game play and we'd love to share our experiences from the past and our plans for the future with the community in an effort to grow it and learn from each other.

We hope you continue to read and enjoy what the Sons of
Thunder blog has to come!