A General cant just play one game, win, and call themselves “great”. They should not just play one game, loose, and call the list they used “trash”. They should follow a path, a linked series of games. For at least 20 games, they should develop a core army and play with it until they are blue in the face. They will give it a true chance and get a real feel for the army itself against many an opponent and within the parameters of different missions and point values. Only then will the journey be complete, and their mastery complete. 

Welcome to another 20 game journey! I have followed a few paths over the last few years: the Path of the Kabal, Path of the Coven, and The rise of Vect. All these have been a lot of fun to learn how to play, and get the feel for them. Now its time for the Dark Olympiad!. You can follow more with direct updates on the twitter feed @skari2 on the Skaredcast youtube channel or on the facebook page
Time to Begin the Journey in Earnest. Last time we saw what the olympiad is based off of the Apocalypse formation and therefore the list design was set. 
Succubus . She is the true meaning of Glass hammer. Armed with haywire grenades against tanks and a power lance she has the tools to tackle most enemy units in close combat as long as she can stay alive. 
Farseer. Has been put on a jetbike. Perils is a lot more common now, and powers are not as efficient, but when he gets them off they have a chance to change the game in my favour, so he is a keeper.
Two units of eight wyches in raiders. Hekatrixes have venom blades and phantasm grenade launchers. These two units are the backbone of the army. They are the grunts, but they require finesse, the plan is to keep them back two turns and then pounce with them when needed I have to learn not to throw them away. 
Two units of five kabalites in venoms. These function pretty much as they did in my vect army… they are a great all rounder for the army. 
Three eldar Jetbikes. These are awesome, fast moving objective secured troops. 
Six reaver Jetbikes. They have been great, apply pressure, turn the game into my favour, and die horribly fast. Another unit that requires forethought, but become very menacing with the Farseer. At least thats the plan.
Eight hellions. Harassment unit.
Beastpack, five kymerae, two razorwings. They are fast, mobile and provide an immediate threats that takes pressure off my other elements while they are a live, they are cheap and can kill things. 
Ravager. This triple lance Ravager with night shields hopes to kill a tank or two before the haywire grenades get to the enemy.
Razorwing Jetfighter. Amazing in the new edition the volley of monosythe missiles is back baby!!! 
Well. those are the main units for the new list. What are your thoughts?