Well I look rather stupid don't I, 2 weeks without a post in a supposedly weekly blog disgraceful.

I do however have valid excuses. first of all I had 2 6 day weeks at work which leave me with little energy to spend on Hobbying, instead I have been reading the rather awesome works of an author called Joe Abercrombie (Highly recommended by the way)

Add to that journeying to the inspiration for Mordor itself known only as Birmingham(Or Brum in my local dialect) with none other than Rictus, to go and see Mongol Horde(A side project of Frank Turners:

Following that I was then off to the capital for a weekend visiting my brother.

See all valid reasons.

Anyway onto updates, I have been slowly working away on my infinity stuff, still really enjoying it. I have finished the first of my Order Sergeants:

Really pleased with this guy. The next order sarge is well under way:

Add to this accidentally ordering this lot:

 This will round out my Military orders force completely, save for waiting for them to release a Seraph so as I can have a TAG in my force.

Obviously me being me I have to do some converting somewhere and the finer detail of Infinity models will be a nice new challenge. So a lot of the models above will be being converted to fit in with my theme. Oddly enough I have a WiP conversion to show already.

This is a Female Teutonic Knight converted from one of the newly released Neo Terran Bolts, she is still heavily WiP:

I wanted to add a 2nd Teutonic knight to the force but all the existing models are based off the same knight I already have just with different arms. So I challenged myself to convert one. Eventually she will get a converted Spit fire too.

Well that's it for now a nice big largely infinity focused update. I hope it was worth the wait. Normal service shall resume now.