Howdy folks!

Wow! Almost two weeks without a post! That's no good! It's not that I haven't been super busy, I just haven't had a chance to wrap any projects up! After the Heldrake, I've been working hard on the Chaos Daemons and Good Game's second and third WHFB tables, my birthday was mid-last week, and, while projects and glue are drying, I've been working on my Nurgle army!

For those of you who don't remember, I traded that ork army I had that caused me so much grief for a Nurgle Chaos Marines and Daemons army in so-so shape. Nothing I can't fix, of course, but I've been using this army to repurpose models I've had sitting around forever and finally give them life again! Dark Vengeance Chosen, old Land Raiders, Daemon Princes, and terminators, just to name a few! While its still WIP, you can get an idea of where this army is going!

The army is currently a mismash of various models and projects. These are functioning great as airbrush practice and let me play with them really quickly. Trying to decide if I want to make it two separate armies; CSM and CD, but we'll see what happens. Plan is to sell them eventually.

The Forgefiend with his little Nurgling passengers! Love this model, he painted up really nicely really quick!

I know, no one really runs Predators, but the lot had one so I had to paint him up and get him rocking! The Dozer Blade comes from an old IG Chimera kit, and really helps the Nurgle feel, methinks.

Typhus and his Terminator Sorcerer. I repurposed my old Princes of Ecstasy Terminators I had, gave them all Combi-Weapons and Power Axes, and Nurgled them up. The squad will go in the Land Raider in the back; somehow, I'm missing the sponsons for it, so I may have to order some new ones. I also speed painted some Plague Marines (on the left) to give the army some lasting power. I'd like to do all DV Chosen for them, but we'll see how that goes. Not pictured is the Plague Zombie Cultists I did back in May; I've got 50 of them, and currently half are painted.

The Daemon side of the army! The lot I got had right about 30 Plaguebearers and a Herald, so I've slowly been working through them. Been a simple job with the airbrush, then all the nasty areas were done with washes of red, purple, blue, and yellow. The Herald got some extra time being a HQ and all. 

I picked up a box of Nurglings when I was in Nebraska visiting my little brother in May, and have only finished one base of them. They paint up really quickly, and with Shrouded and Swarms, these guys are perfect for sitting on objectives! 

There's a couple things missing from these pictures; namely a Heldrake and the big group of Plague Zombies, but you can get a feel for what I'm going for here. Like I said, I'm trying to decide on whether or not to make both groups separate; if I go that route, the CSM will be Typhus and his bodyguard, lots of Zombies, some Plague Marines, Heldrake, Predator, and the Forgefiend. The Daemons will probably get another Herald, Epidemius, more Nurglings, and some Plague Drones. Might even go Forge World and get a Blight Drone or two!

If anyone has any suggestions on where to go with these armies, please leave a comment! I'm not a competitive gamer, so anything bashy would be appreciative! \

Alrighty, back to Slaanesh and terrain!