Six models closer to done! Seven, if you count the odd Tempestus Scion that I added to my painting queue as the rest of the flame troops drew to completion.

As mentioned previously, the line troops are a little shy of the adornment seen on the Special Weapon Squad. I want these guys to be noticeable on the table and in a potential infantry blob, but not out shine the rest of their respective squads.

Flamer toting Tempestus Scion...
...and another purity seal. That is probably how he made it into the queue, now that I think about it. Extra GS...hmmm...Stormtrooper with Flamer?...Sure, why not?- is the most likely explanation.

I'm a sucker for purity seals, what can I say?

Next on my bench are these final three models for 1st Platoon's command section.