Hello all

I had this idea that I was finally able to execute not too long ago I figured I'd share. Most of my ideas spawn out of my own laziness and this was no exception. With 20 Risen to paint I started to think on how I could speed the process up. I saw a bunch of people online with the clever idea of painting the whole model as incorporeal or ghostly and that looked great. I decided that's what I would do...

  Then I had a thought, why not try and have the model match the paint job if at all possible? For such small models they have a lot of detail, its a great looking unit.

Using a couple of Blackbane Ghost Raider boxes I cut the bottom halves off the risen and added the swirly part of the Ghost raiders to each Risen model. I think they came out great, so now although they don't have "ghostly" they look like undead ghosts.

I'll prime them all black then get to the good stuff. 
Stay tuned for updates, I plan to have this unit complete by the end of the week!!

As always, thanks for reading.