Hi everyone

Red Mist here, I've been quiet for a while but I've not been idol. 

As well as adding to my Khorne chaos marines army (more of that on another post to follow), we in the code have fallen upon Mantics new Deadzone game and boy are we excited.

When asked what faction I would like to be, there was only one answer, Enforcers, bringing justice to the darkest corners of Nexus Psi.

What colour to paint them, well I've never painted anything yellow so why not start with these, so here we have my strike team, so far, with some reinforcements on route ;-).

Team Mist in all its yellow glory!!!

and a close up shot....

Simple paint scheme, yellow base with earthshade wash, then a drybrush highlight, and a final wash to blend the shading a bit.

Dark and moody, just how I like it.

Next on the list is the scout... hard as nails... more to follow.

Hope you like.

Red Mist Out.