Hi all,

Red Mist here again with the updates on my Khone army as promised.
Doc and myself have had many battle over the years, one such game was a confrontation betwwen my Khorne Berzerkers and Docs Space Wolves.

After a lot of hacking the Wolves were victorious, but not I, as he cares not from whence the blood flows.

So a rematch was in order, and rematch we had 5000 pts each played over a day and night.

We started at 4000pts a side but my mid afternoon there wasn't a lot left so added in another 1000pts to take the game into the evening.

So without further ado here are some pics, enjoy.

Charge..... blood for the blood God!!!!

 Crunch time... This bear rider was well 'ard.

Khorne loves a Blood Slaughterer... Wolves and Blood Claws do not... he ate them all!!!!

 See those puppies run... LOL

Doc and myself like to surprise each other, I had painted up a shiney new Chaos Land Raider for Kharn to ride in....

Unfortunately it ran into Docs new Knight... roll D-Weapon... Land Raider destroyed!!!

In charges Kharn, kill, maim, burn, no more Knight....

Kharn did fall but he will rise again!!!!

My army was joined by Lord Zhufor for the first time...

and he teleported into battle with his terminator bodyguard of Skulltakers ready to take skulls for the blood throne...

and lastly whats that over there, nnnnoooooo its a Baneblade! Result... dead Berzerkers.

Still in the end revenge was mine!!!


Hope you enjoy and more to follow, when I can get Doc to release the piccys.

RED MIST out!!!