A General cant just play one game, win, and call themselves “great”. They should not just play one game, loose, and call the list they used “trash”. They should follow a path, a linked series of games. For at least 20 games, they should develop a core army and play with it until they are blue in the face. They will give it a true chance and get a real feel for the army itself against many an opponent and within the parameters of different missions and point values. Only then will the journey be complete, and their mastery complete. 

Welcome to another 20 game journey! I have followed a few paths over the last few years: the Path of the Kabal, Path of the Coven, and The rise of Vect. All these have been a lot of fun to learn how to play, and get the feel for them. Now its time for the Dark Olympiad!. You can follow more with direct updates on the twitter feed @skari2 on the Skaredcast youtube channel or on the facebook page

So, lets begin. At first we saw the army list that I have been using in the first post. 

The first Pregame was a small match 500pts vs my Brothers Chaos Space Marines. - I ran two small units of wyches and reaver jetbikes against a couple of CSM squads and a sorceror. A Key charge from the Succubus gave me the win as the Monkei were unable to withstand the onslaught. I learned that the wyches are very fragile, but if I get a good charge on they can win the game. 

Then we got into the nitty gritty. 1500pt games, the journey began in earnest. 

Game 1 - vs Matt and his Eldar Swordwind. This was the first true game of the journey, and the first true game of 7th edition. I learned the hard way… this game, I was tabled. The high strength multiple shot weapons really did a number on the wych cult and they got slaughtered. 

Game 2 - vs Dave and his Tau pulsebomb list. This game I played maelstrom and I loved it! I did not have much left at the end of the game, but it was quite interesting to see my army bringing the pain early in the match to try and get a tactical advantage before the enemy would be able to make a comeback. Also made some slight changes from the first game, the Beastpack was added to add some pressure to the enemy and a ravager as well… needed at least some anti tank. 

Game 3 - vs Tim and his Chaos Space Marines - now, this was an interesting game. This Chaos list was designed around summoning deamons, and this proved to be a blessing and a curse for the traitors! Typhus survived the game, but pretty much everything else died. 

photo IMG_00000711_zps2d081781.jpg

This game, I played a lot more conservatively with my army. I waited back and pounced on him at the right time. I also got lucky with the razorwing, targeting a plague marine squad that was close to the invisible zombie squad so I was able to kill a lot of them that way. The succubus proved her worth in combat, and the beasts really did shine this game. But my opponent lacked long range firepower. 

So, these are the first steps of the Dark Olympiad! Against a variety of opponents, its nice to see how it is working. Stay tuned as we continue this journey.