Where are my Flying Cars?

I'm about to get started on an experiment. You see, I don't play 40k anymore. It's pretty dead in our area since just before the launch of 6th edition.

I love sci-fi! I have been looking for a game that can sit alongside WM without the size. Something small, skirmish level, fun, deep and science fiction based.

Enter Infinity. While I've looked at the game before, I'm ready to go in. I have no idea what I'm doing or getting myself into, but you'll be part of the learning process!

Where do I start?

That's a great question! I started by hitting the Infinity site. I wanted to come to grips with the visuals, find an army I would start with and perhaps download the rules (which are all free on the site!).

I've always been a lover of the Corvus Belli models and you really can't choose poorly. The new factions like Tohaa and Aleph are amazing, but the older stuff is also fantastic. While I do own a small force of Tohaa and Yu Jing, I thought it was time for a real investment - both financial and emotional....

Neoterran Capitaline Army

These guys are not just new to me, but to Corvus Belli and Pan Oceania, as well. New sculpts based on 3d renders. New paint style for a modern, brighter look for a new ruleset that is on the way. New sectorial army for Pan-O, new army for this guy!

I ordered the starter from The Warstore and I'm expecting it any day now. I'll post my progress and share my thoughts on the models, both painting them and playing them.

In the meantime, please share all your thoughts and insight on Infinity, I'm a total newb and really looking to soak in as much as possible!

Do you want to know more?

I hit up MayaCast and Data Sphere for some learning goodness. So far, both have been incredibly helpful. While Infinity resources are scarce, what is available is very good.

Thanks for reading!