Very little gaming this year unfortunately, been busy with exams and such. Did manage to attend chiswick gaming club properly again as can be seen below and also performed woefully in a doubles tournament with my bro where we just took whatever we had painted. Before 6th came to an end I also managed to make a start on building some artillery that I won from IDIC's laser cut card giveaway as well as some pain tokens/objective markers.

Was going to try to attend an 1650 pt tournament in London called clash of the titans towards the end of 6th but in the end did not have time to spend two days of study leave to play 40k. I even managed to start painting/quick shading my tau contingent but sadly that is now useless as a result of the change to the allies system... Classic...

Honestly I don't think the posting is going to become any less sporadic any time soon due to a combination of 7th edition coming out and me not having a viable army as well as more exams and uni applications coming in September. 

Hopefully dark eldar will come out at about Christmas and I'll be able to get back into this hobby properly again.