Just like the Arthurian series, I had been trying to find all the images from the homage to John William Godward, one of the last of the Pre Raphaelite artists.

At long last, they are discovered!  And I forgot at least 2 of them entirely!

This was actually one of the last of the series, called Caught in the Act.  Yes, lots of marble, and pesky baby dragons!

Then we have Pool Side Fun, where I had a blast with the reflections in the water.  You will notice that the same dragons keep popping up over and over...

Next up is The Favorite, which was the first in the series.  It is where I first got hooked on painting marble!

The New Toy.  I really enjoyed playing the various colors of marble off the different fabrics.

This was the final painting in the series, called Fairy Symphony.

And Little Rascals.

All of these were watercolors on hot press watercolor board.