Soooo.... I haven't been posting here much (or at all) for a while, but time for that to change.  I've still been playing miniature games although I have gone off Warhammer 40K and other GW games in a major way (which is a large part of why I haven't been posting here).  Instead I've redirected my attentions for the last nine months into playing FFG's X-Wing Miniatures.  It's a great little game with good quality prepainted miniatures, a solid ruleset and a growing community.

In addition I've recently made the plunge back into Flames of War having not touched the game since I moved down to Brisbane, I intend to get back into it.  There's a tournament coming up on the 24th of August that is Mid War 1500 points, so I've dusted off the minis, started painting and am trying to tee up some games so that I can learn the changes in 3rd Edition (not that I had a solid grasp of 2nd Edition to begin with).  I'll be posting up some of my progress on that as well as generally keeping things up to date.