A simply delightful surprise arrived in my mailbox this week- my Odin miniature from Oathsworn Miniatures. I don't even know where to begin with it- just look at it.

Taking decent photos of unpainted minis is harder than I thought.
The All-Father, in all his one-eyed glory, across the back of his trusty steed Sleipnir.

Sleipnir's body came in halves, and I've already put them together. I also attached Odin's spear arm. The rest is just held on there with gravity and blue stuff for effect. I want to paint the mount and rider separately, and they still have some mold lines to be filed off.

The details are incredibly crisp, all the way from his hair, to the shield, to the ties on his boots. Odin himself fits together wonderfully. I'm especially fond of how the hand and shield go together- it makes him look as if he's really holding it, instead of it just being stuck to his fist. Little things like that go a long way to making something good into something great.

The halves of Sleipnir did need a little help fitting together smoothly, I had to file him down a good bit before they were mostly flush. Then I put a little rope of green stuff all along the edge of one half before I put them together to cover up the seam. Worked like a charm.

I might, before I put Odin on him, add a saddle of some sort. He looks fine on there without one, but I imagine that the All Father would prefer to ride his magical, flying horse in style. I have a little more clean up to do, mold lines and such, before I get started with that, though.

This miniature was part of a Kickstarter that successfully funded in May. Oathsworn is launching another Kickstarter on Monday (July 21st) for a very fun set of dwarves called Clan McFiggin. Hopefully not long after that they will launch the one featuring Freyja. Frejya is Odin's bad-ass goddess counterpart who receives half of the dead (the other half go with Odin to Valhalla). The mini is already sculpted, like Odin she is mounted, riding her boar Hildisvíni.

I'm really looking forward to finding some time to paint him soon.