Here is a super snap brought to you via the Oldhammer Facebook Group and the Mighty Avenging Bryan Ansell himself. It the goblin we mentioned earlier in the week and available for FREE to all attendees of this year's Oldhammer Weekend at the Wargames Foundry. 

As you can see, the model looks suitably amusing and would fit in easily with any goblin model produced in the last thirty years, though with that wildly flung sword he may be a little difficult to rank up, eh? Though difficult to rank up models are nice and old school anyway!

There is a kind of unofficial naming competition for him. No prizes I think, just the kudos of creating a suitable moniker for this little jester. My own effort was Gobhammer Jesterfest. I expect many of you will be able to do much better, so off you go and try in the comments section. 

It seems that this isn't they only craziness going on at the Foundry. Check out these strange and unusual sculpts to emerge from the desk of Kev Goblinmaster Adams!

Check these out! A chaos twig? A rosehip goblin?