Along with all the astronomy images, Celtic mythology, fantasy scenes and such, I used to love painting wildlife.  It was a fun change of pace from the usual portrait work.

I also combined the Celtic knotwork with the wildlife paintings, such as this piece, called Nightsong.

Look at the birdie!  This is Lord of the Skies.  Painting these was great practice for all the eagle faces I have had to paint on miniatures!

The Lone Wolf and the North Star.  A painting that I made for my wife for Valentine's day, I believe.

Another rare pastel piece, called Just Hangin' Out.  This might have been the largest pastel painting that I ever did.

Some of you might recall the Pebeo paints which I used to paint on glass and ceramic tile.  It was really neat stuff, since you could fire it in a regular oven at low temperatures.  You had to approach it differently, since many of the colors were very translucent.

Once it was fired, it had great luster, and you could use it as a centerpiece to place hot serving plates.

One more ceramic tile piece.  The neat thing about these is that they will last forever... or at least as long as the ceramic tiles!  So, thousands of years from now once the 'cloud' has dissipated, this old fashioned method will still be around!