Evening guys,

Its normal update time again. Its back to the Order Sergeants this time as the temperatures have gone down some so painting has become a bit more bearable.

Its only a week now until my next meet up with Nife and Rictus so I've been trying to get some of my WiP models finished in time.

First up we have 2 Order Sergeants 1 a sniper the other a standard one with a Multirifle. There are still some finishing touches to go on these 2 but I figured I might as well just stick some picks up:

Next up we have 2 WiP models.

First up the progress on the converted Order Sergeant Hacker:

Im really proud of the sculpt work I did on her as now with some paint on it blends together really nicely.

Next up is a Magister knight, still early stages on him but the green is pretty much done:

Well that's it for now guys a quick picture heavy update. I am now off to see Guardians of the galaxy and see if its living up to all the hype and good reviews