A General cant just play one game, win, and call themselves “great”. They should not just play one game, loose, and call the list they used “trash”. They should follow a path, a linked series of games. For at least 20 games, they should develop a core army and play with it until they are blue in the face. They will give it a true chance and get a real feel for the army itself against many an opponent and within the parameters of different missions and point values. Only then will the journey be complete, and their mastery complete. 

Welcome to another 20 game journey! I have followed a few paths over the last few years: the Path of the Kabal, Path of the Coven, and The rise of Vect. All these have been a lot of fun to learn how to play, and get the feel for them. Now its time for the Dark Olympiad!. You can follow more with direct updates on the twitter feed @skari2 on the Skaredcast youtube channel or on the facebook page

So! Read on and find out what a wych cult is capable of:

Game 4 - vs Matt and his Eldar Swordwind -
You can watch the Video Battle Report HERE.
This was a very fun and crazy game, playing one of the Astronomi-Con missions called Hill 0.25 basically all about the table quarters. This game went the full number of turns and it really showcased how hard it can be to have stuff left alive in the later turns with a wych cult, then again the fact that the game went to the last turns really turned the game around. This was the first time I really got to see the Succubus with her power lance in action and it was awesome.
Game 5 - vs Bob and his Eldar Warhost
This was a Maelstrom mission (I am really loving these!) Bob had a very balanced 1500pt Eldar warhost with a lot of different units in the army that all synergized very well. This game was one of cat and mouse and there were a few key moments in the game that it could have gone either way the dark eldar pulled ahead on the TaCos and kept the lead into the game despite taking horrendous casualties!

photo IMG-20140628-00578_zpsbfa37169.jpg

Game 6 - Vs Fred and his Necrons
You can watch the Video battle report HERE.
This was an interesting game that showcased the power of the army when it gets to play on its own terms. The Necrons advanced very aggressively and got into the charge range of wyches and beasts, so after a critical turn 2 for the Dark Olympiad the necrons did not have much to come back with and although the necron flyers were all over the place the ground war was lost and no ammount of sythe was going to help them come back. This was also a great lesson on haywire wyches and their value as a tarpit against command barges!
Here is another pic of game 5:

photo IMG-20140628-00583_zps7c19491c.jpg

And lastly! Game 7 - vs Matt and his Swordwind host once again.
This was, once again a test mission for Astronomi-Con Toronto. And the video battle report can be watched HERE. This was an intense game! The mission was a harsh one but I did not play it right my army came in one little piece at a time only to be slaughtered wholesale. I should have held back and gathered a force before advancing, I was luckily not tabled tho and the Succubus and her wych squad did, once again, show what they are capable of!

And the Journey Continues. Now, with a few games under my belt I have refined the army list! And the next 20 game journey post will deal with the new list as well as the games that I have had with it. What is your favourite unit in the dark eldar army?
Thanks a lot for reading.
Skari - out