I know, I know I wrote a piece about being gone but not forgotten last week that sort of announced my return to the fold but if you read it, it’s more about what I’d been up to in my absence and as it is now August my return is official.

And in true TSC form Phil, Lee and I are all starting new 40k armies. But these are no ordinary armies we are going Xenos… Heresy I hear you cry and my response would be “yeah and?”.

I mentioned last week I was turned by the Necrons who are replacing my Tau. I know I was hot and hard for the Tau but when I really got down to it they bored the shit out of me, I don’t like Kroot, I hate the Vespid and I wasn’t a fan of the Vehicles. Which left Fire Warriors and Pathfinders. And that’s hardly game winning. The Necrons however: BOOOM!

Phil has had his head turned by the green tide is constantly texting the word “WAAAGH” to Lee and I. I’m not sure if he’s threatening war or practising his crying for when he gets a beat down. [Can't it be both? -Ed.] And in true Lee fashion, because frankly he never does anything simple or straight forward [Or cheap! -Ed.] he’s going with a Ghost Army. Yep an entire army made up of Eldar Wraith units, which is going to make it interesting for him as we reach the 2,000 and 3000 point mark, but its Lee and it wouldn’t be the same if he took the easy option.

I on the other hand have gone the easy route and frankly the Necrons give me access to all sorts of nasty shit, the hard bit is actually deciding what I don’t want to take.

So the point of this is for us to gradually build up to a Man sized 3,000 point army with the first marker at 1,000 points. There are some ground rules mind one of which is NO specials, this is mainly due to the fact that the Necron specials are well for want of a better word fucking stupid. It comes to something when you get a little embarrassed yourself about the army you take and some of the completely bat shit crazy rules you can throw about, I’m looking at you Imotekh Stormlord.

We’re also not allowed to progress past each 1,000 point marker until everything is painted. This is good news for me as 1,000 points is not many models at all. Sucky news for Phil for 3,000 points.

So far my 1000 points is pretty much there basics are 1 Overlord with a few extras, 5 Deathmarks, 10 immortals, 2 Squads of 15 Warriors and a bit of heavy support from an Annihilation Barge.
I think I finally found an army I can actually get on with and as Phil said to me the other day “you’ve bought shit and not got bored yet so that’s a good sign”. [It's true, I did say that. -Ed]

Anyway this post marks my official return to not only writing on a regular basis but also full-time collecting and painting an army…now where’s that postman with my delivery.

- Mat