Some brand new 'Starter' armies, the 'Resistance' and some expansion news...

Hawk Wargames Newsletter #35
It's been an incredibly busy year here at Hawk Wargames and at last we can reveal what we have been working on. Although our fans will know about the impending release of our brand new faction (The Resistance) and accompanying DZC expansion book, we have another exciting announcement to make today!

1) Brand New Plastic Starter Armies
We have been working tirelessly on improving the accessibility of Dropzone Commander to new players in the last 18 months. This drive began with the release of our acclaimed 2 Player Starter Set and is now continued with the release of a full range of single race Starter Armies! The capricious Shaltari and the elite Post Human Republic (PHR) are now BOTH available to pre-order in injection moulded hard plastic! Each new set includes a Fastplay + Quick Reference sheet, along with a full set of assembly instructions. Also, the Shaltari set includes a spare Haven Terragate miniature + 6 spare warsuits, and the PHR set incorporates weapon options for the Menchit Battle Walker and Juno A2 IFV.
New PHR Starter Army Box
New PHR Starter Army (Front)
New Shaltari Starter Army Box
New Shaltari Starter Army (Front)
New PHR Starter Army (Back)
New Shaltari Starter Army (Back)

These new boxed sets are accompanied by the UCM and the Scourge, also available to pre-order separately in matching single race boxed sets. All four of these fantastic products will be available at an RRP of just £35 (roughly $55 US), making it even easier to jump into the game, to start a new army or to expand an existing one! 
New UCM Starter Army (Front)
New Scourge Starter Army (Front)
New UCM Starter Army (Back)
New Scourge Starter Army (Back)

The release dates for these new products are as follows:
Core Shaltari and PHR Starter Armies: 13th September
Core UCM and Scourge Starter Armies: 27th September
We have limited stock of all four new sets for pre-release at Gen Con Indy 2014 (and Worldcon in London), available exclusively from the Hawk Wargames stand (see point 4).

2) The Resistance Goes Live!
The Resistance section of the Hawk Wargames website is now live! Here you can find out much more about this exciting and colourful new faction. Every product in the launch range is now available to pre-order, including our 1500pt and 2500pt army deals. The new range will ship in waves, with the first at the end of this month. This includes the resin Resistance Starter Army, available at the improved price of £55 (aproximately $95 US). Starter Armies for the Resistance will also be available for pre-release at our Gen Con booth.
The full list of release dates are as follows:
30th August:
  • Resistance Starter Set
  • Cyclone Attack Helicopter
  • Rocket Technical
  • Gun Technical
  • M3 Alexander Command Tank
  • Dual Resistance Command Cards Deck
13th September:
  • Lifthawk Medium Dropship
  • Breaching Drill
  • Zhukov AA MBT
  • Freeriders
  • Occupation Veterans
  • Berserkers
27th September:
  • Kraken Medium Hovercraft
  • Hellhog Figher
  • Gun Wagon
  • Storm Wagon
  • Battlebus
  • Resistance Fighters
18th October:
  • Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft
  • Barrel Bomber
  • Fire Wagon
  • Hannibal MBT
  • Jackson APC 
Be sure to check out the new Resistance section of the site, which includes background for all these new products!

3) Reconquest: Phase 1 - The brand new Expansion Book for Dropzone Commander!
The release of the Resistance is accompanied by DZC's first expansion book: Reconquest: Phase 1. This 152 page full-colour book includes the complete Army List, background and gallery for the Resistance, detailing their history, unique fighting style and eclectic array of vehicles, infantry and aircraft.
This new book includes far more than that though. Over a year in the making, it debuts over 100 art pieces to bring the visual and human elements of the DZC universe to life like never before! It includes over 30,000 words of new background, detailing the current progress of the UCM's Reconquest campaign and the titanic battles and intrigue that have unfolded in the 251 days since the first shots were fired. The book introduces new rules mechanics, 10 scenarios and the customary lavishings of full-colour photography of all our finely detailed miniatures. The book also debuts 12 playable characters, with artwork, background and rules, with representatives from all five races. Reconquest: Phase 1 is an essential addition to any DZC collection,and is available for pre-order at just £15 (around $23 US) from our site. The full release date of Reconquest: Phase 1 is the 30th August. It will also be available for pre-release at our Gen Con and Worldcon booths.

4) Hawk Wargames at GenCon Indy 2014
We will shortly be crossing the pond to Indianapolis for Gen Con Indy 2014 - a mammoth gaming show - and this year we are returning with a bigger and better stand! You will be able to grab many of these exciting releases before anyone else, view all our painted studio models (including the entire Resistance range) and meet some of the team. We will be running demo games throughout the show, as well as running a tournament on the Friday. We can be found at booth number 2617 and a link to the Gen Con Indy 2014 map is here >

5) DZC whole weekend special at Beasts of War
Beasts of War are running a Dropzone Commander special throughout this weekend! If you'd like to see all our new products unboxed on video, hear some more about the Resistance, the new book or the new plastics then check out the first video here > Keep an eye out today and tomorrow, as content will be released throughout the weekend!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our Facebook page and our Forum...
Thanks, and hopefully see you at Gen Con Indy or Worldcon soon.
- David J. Lewis
  Hawk Wargames