My next WW2 model or should I say models are these from Italeri,
I picked the box set up for very cheap and you get 3 models in it representing awesome value for money. They are very well detailed in my opinion for the scale but are a bit fragile and tricky to put together. Another small downside is you don't get the full crew compliment of each gun. I borrowed one of the Half-track passenger from my other kit to add to this.

I started with a grey primer.

Followed by my usual Middlestone and heavy wash of 50/50 mix of brown and black.

I painted up the crew with Field Grey and Reflective Green for the uniforms and drybrushed the gun with Middlestone.

Next was a wash of  my 50/50 mix of brown and black on the crew and the basic camouflage pattern on the gun. Followed by a drybrush of Middlestone.

Next post, the finished product.