Blightwheel Miniatures makes some awesome 28mm scale models, and back in April I bought several of their resin sculpts as Salute. 

Here is a Britanic officer from their Hell'ington range - an alternative WW1-looking range, full of gas masks, tin hats and archaic weapons. 

The model was easy to assemble, coming in several small parts, and a joy to paint. The detail is sharp and the resin durable. 

I painted the officer in the colour scheme of my Savlar Chem-Dogs, figuring that he'd be a good addition to a command squad. The scale is slightly more diminutive than usual GW Guard sculpting but not so much that the miniatures couldn't be used in the same army.

I added a random decal to the power fist, used periodically throughout my Chem-Dog army.

This shot shows the studding on the chest plate, as well as the rank insignia on the shoulder guard.