40k Conquest has been a huge hit around here, and we are all looking forward to the warpacks! I’ve been playing Eldar/Dark Eldar the majority of the time, but have recently switched the Chaos. Here is why.

Chaos are awesome! It’s a complete shift away from the control style of Eldar. Brute force is the chaos way! I pretty much play a demon deck with a handful of Ork cards thrown in there (Ork Kannons/Squig Bomb/Burna Boys/Snotling attack). The orks are a great ally for Chaos. The kannon can be hilarious, especially when you just apply the combat damage to the screamer that is about to sacrifice itself next anyway! They are also great for clearing those pesky 1 life cards that are holding planets down the line. However, the real hilarity comes from the Chaos warlord. Who pretty much turns snotlings into Khymeras, and burna boys into mean killing machines. 

The other thing I love is sacrificing cultists to deploy demons for the cheap. One game I managed to have enough up my sleeve to slam down a helldrake for one resource......haha. Speaking of which, Helldrakes are horrendously good. I’m sure up in the top tier’s of play they are probably frowned upon, but I love them. Spicerack (who is playing guard/orks) can pretty much guess what I have up my sleeve just by the amount of resources I have, or whatever sequence of cards I start to put down.....he knows me too well!

One thing on Chaos though, Bloodletters are just plain ridiculous. The area effect 3 is hilarious (turns into 4 with the warlord present.....). I’m honestly surprised that not more people play with them. 

Anyway, I’m not the greatest of card players, and I have been schooled by some of the other guys who play it religiously. 

Great games though.